Kinematics Simulation

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The code

Run this simulation in Geant4 with the kinematics included. The bash file (in the kinesim/ folder) can be used for this purpose.

Option #C of this file allows to set the kinematic parameters, which tell the program to simulate a nuclear reaction and generate an output file that contains information about the energies and the angles of the projectile and the target. The output file is in ROOT format.

#C) Track a reacion calculated from CINE

/ActarSim/gun/reactionFromCine on
/ActarSim/gun/Cine/incidentIon 1 2 1 0.0
/ActarSim/gun/Cine/targetIon 1 2 1 0.0
/ActarSim/gun/Cine/scatteredIon 1 2 1 2.0
/ActarSim/gun/Cine/recoilIon 1 1 1 0.0
/ActarSim/gun/Cine/reactionQ 1.647 MeV
/ActarSim/gun/Cine/labEnergy 770 MeV
#/ActarSim/gun/Cine/randomTheta on
#/ActarSim/gun/Cine/thetaLabAngle 0.1

The simulation file can be opened and plotted with cineReader.C.

Published: 2006-10-17 12:02